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The Drop Jordan Gatorade collection encompasses a host of artistically inspired sneakers all modeled in the image of the flavors of sports-themed beverage company Gatorade. Michael Jordan had a longtime association with the company and their partnership featured a host of hit advertisements that dominated airwaves throughout the 90s. And to serve as a talismanic commemoration of the good old days, the Air Jordan 1 Gatorade lineage was born.
The vast majority of the Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 is engulfed in a vibrate shade of lime green that continues all the way through to the similarly colored translucent sole that vaguely obscures a bold Gatorade logo. A few blood orange accents tones down the dominance with the interior top of the tongue featuring a gutsy “Be like Mike” moniker and miniature lighting logos along the side of each heel.
This alteration of the sneakers is inspired by the “Buty Jordan Sklep” flavor and as such this orange-esque color scheme takes siege of the sneaker in its entirety albeit for a bold green insole that is home to the trademark Gatorade logo. To give the sneakers that unique X-factor, the shoes are amassed with winged NBA crest logos and the company’s stylish lightning tags.
Just like the Cheap Air Max before it, one color scheme domineers the entire architecture of the sneakers with this edition channeling the visual appeal of an enchanting shoal-esque blue. The colorway is complimented beautifully by shades of orange atop the tongue and a green interior that showcases a co-brand partnership featuring logos of the Nike and Gatorade brand on either half of the pair.




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